This Fan Art Dedicated To Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji’s Soyrabai Is A Must See!

The actress who plays the popular character was gifted a beautiful painting by a fan. Check out the picture inside!

Profile Picture Of Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji Actress Snehlata Vasaikar

Actors being bombarded with gifts by fans is a common trend. From letters, to paintings to artifacts, fans go all out to make their stars happy and Snehlata Vasaikar’s case is no exception. The actress is popularly known for her role as Sambhaji’s mother Soyrabai in Zee Marathi’s popular show Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji. The beauty makes it a point to reciprocate the love of her fans by sharing their art on her Instagram account.

Watch her in an episode from the show here.

She recently shared a sketch by a fan, that is dedicated to the actress and her daughter Shaurya. Check it out here.

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Thank u @piyusha5905 He gift mala आणि माझ्या मुलीला खूप आवडलं… खरं सांगायचं तर कलाकार आणि आई या दोन भूमिका एकाच वेळी साकारताना दमछाक होत असते.. दोन्ही गोष्टींना न्याय देताना ती तारेवरची कसरत असते… आणि "आई" ही अशी कलाकार असते जी प्रत्येक भूमिकेत जीव ओतत असते.. माझ्यातल्या आईला हे गिफ्ट म्हणजे पुरस्कारच जणू!!! #fanlove❤️ #gift #photoframe #motherdaughter

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The sketch is of Snehlata and her baby girl and we must say, it is brilliantly made! In her caption, Snehlata thanks Piyush, the fan who dedicated this art to her and writes that the balancing act between being an actress and a mother can get tough for her. She adds that mothers are artists who give their 100 percent, and expresses that the sketch is like an award that she had been gifted, for her motherhood.

How sweet! We agree with Snehlata though, multi tasking between work and parenting can be tricky and we salute the actress for having doing it with such ease. What do you think of this fan art?

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