These Videos Of Patil Actors Bhagyashree Mote And Narendra Deshmukh Can’t Be Missed

The two got paired for the first time in this Santosh RamMeena directional. Check out their fun videos from the film's promotional events!

A Still Of Patil Actors Bhagyashree Mote And Narendra Deshmukh

Gone are the days when a film was about performances and box office numbers. Today, film promotions are part and parcel of an actor’s life. It’s become a usual sight to see actors talking about their upcoming film on television shows, events, and more. Marathi actors Bhagyashree Mote and Narendra Deshmukh too went through the ordeal of promoting their film Patil. The events can get monotonous and it’s up to a film’s team to make them interesting. Well, given the creative people that Bhagyashree and Narendra are, the actors had some fun of their own during promotions.

Watch the film here.

Social media has exploded and how. Today one of the most popular features is Instagram’s boomerang video and Bhagyashree and Narendra made full use of it. Check out this video of the two, where they get goofy.


Now, that’s a fun way to promote films right? Bhagyashree is great dancer and found this video of her shaking a leg at one of the promotional events. Check it out.

We are glad the actors had such a good time. Post your comments below for this jodi!

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