These Crazy Gym Videos Of Patil Actress Bhagyashree Mote Will Motivate You To Push Harder!

If she can do it, so can you!

A Still Of Patil Actress Bhagyashree Mote

Working out at the gym can be difficult. You may enjoy lifting those weights and running on the treadmill for hours. But after a point, your body tends to give up and no amount of “c’mon, give me one more,” by your trainer can help you get up. Well, Bhagyashree Mote seems to have superpowers. The actress, who was recently seen in Marathi movie Patil, is a fitness freak to say the least and can do stunts that can give all a run for their money! There are videos of her doing everything from a head stand to kickboxing to lifting weights.

Watch her latest film Patil here.

Check out this one where the actress is upside down and is in that position for a loooong time!

Amazing, right? And here’s another where the actress is seen holding a plank for a considerable amount of time, which trust us, is very hard to do!

And don’t miss this one where Bhagyashree lifts crazy weights to keep in shape.

Well if you were looking for some fitness motivation, there you have it. If you can find yourself pushing harder, we bet these videos of the actress will help.

So, are you ready to kill it at the gym now? Let us know about your exercise routine in the comments section below!

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