Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji 25 January 2020 Written Update: Muqarrab Khan To Fight Raje

In Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji, Muqarrab carries out a background research, and prepares to go on a battle, against Raje.

Muqarrab Khan from Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji

In the recent episode of Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji, Muqarrab Khan pledges to Aurangzeb, that he will bring Sambhaji to the Mughal realm. Everyone in the court, including Aurangzeb, is surprised at the strength of his words. Aurangzeb, then, tells Muqarrab Khan that this isn’t an easy feat to achieve, as Sambhaji is a strong ruler and can easily escape the enemy’s territory. Finally, Muqarrab Khan keeps his hand on the Quran, and promises this in front of the Mughal Emperor. After the meeting, the Vazir and Prince Muazzam are having a conversation. The Vazir confesses that Muqarrab Khan is just boasting and won’t be able to succeed in his mission. He feels Muqarrab Khan wants Aurangzeb to make him the prince, so that he will be in line for the throne after the Mughal Emperor dies. Prince Muazzam agrees with the Vazir and says that killing Sambhaji isn’t achievable. Meanwhile, Aurangzeb secretly confesses to Princess Zeenat, that he doesn’t care if Muqarrab Khan dies, as long as he gets Sambhaji to him. 

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Muqarrab Khan then, goes to Kanhoji Rao and Qazi Haider, to find out more about Sambhaji’s war tactics. Since these men have been with Sambhaji, they have inside information to how he functions. Kanhoji Rao says that Sambhaji can go on fighting tirelessly throughout the day, and isnt vulnerable. Then, Qazi Haider suggests that they can keep an eye on Sambhaji from Panhalgad and Sinhagad. Muqarrab Khan wants to find out about Sambhaji’s addictions but he isn’t able to find any.

At Raigad, Sambhaji shows Yesubai, Aurangzeb’s mock will. Although they are happy to see that Aurangzeb has given up, Sambhaji says they can’t underestimate him as he could be trying to deceive them.

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