Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji 23 March 2019 Written Update: Gaga Bhatt Impressed With Sambhaji

Yesubai and Sambhaji leave to seek blessings from Aai Jagdamba.

Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji actor Amol Kolhe in a scene from the show.

In the recent episode of Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji, Gaga Bhatt reads Anaji Pant’s letter before Khandoji Ballal reaches Gaga Bhatt tells Khandoji about Shambhu Raje’s administration over the kingdom and inquires more about satisfaction within the subjects. Khandoji tells him that there are disagreements sometimes due to human nature.

Watch the episode below:

Gaga Bhatt questions Khandoji about what courtiers feel about the new King as he has already read the letter from Anaji Pant. Khandoji then tells Gaga Bhatt about how old courtiers wanted Rajaram as the ruler instead of Sambhaji for their own benefits. Later they were punished in the jail but were released as they were the respectful courtiers who served Swarajya. Hearing this, Gaga Bhatt is impressed by Sambhaji’s administration.

Meanwhile, Sambhaji gives strict instruction to Kaviraj and asks him to take care of all the guests who will be attending the Rajyabhishek Sohala. Sambhaji is waiting for Yesubai to leave for seeking blessings, but Yesubai refuses to travel in Palkhi, instead, she demands to go with him on a horse. Sambhaji agrees to it, and both of them leave on their horses.

Anaji’s supporters tell him that it is of no use to get new clothes because all the main responsibilities of the Rajyabhishek are given to Kaviraj. Hearing this, Anaji goes to Kaviraj while he is making a list of all the things required for the Rajyabhishek Sohala. Anaji then tells Kaviraj that he has to include Anaji Pant and his supporters for the organisation of the event as they are experienced and have been a part of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s Rajyabhishek. Kaviraj responds saying no one can decide anything as it is only Sambhaji Maharaj who will decide and Kaviraj will follow his orders.

Sambhaji and Yesubai who are on their way to seek blessings from various gods take a halt and Yesubai tells Sambhaji that she wants to go and take blessings from Vyadeshwar and Harihareshwar. Sambhaji tells her that they cannot move far away from Raigad as many negative forces are waiting for an opportunity to damage Swarajya. Yesubai agrees to it and both of them continue their journey.

Anaji Pant tells his supporters that he is sure that Gaga Bhatt will not come for Sambhaji’s Rajyabhishek Sohala as he must have read his letter and refused to come. He also tells his supporters about the greatness of Gaga Bhatt.

Khandoji Ballal, who is sent to Kashi to receive Gaga Bhatt invites him for the Rajyabhishek as he is the most important guest of the event. He also assures Gaga Bhatt that everything will be taken care of. Gaga Bhatt is happy about Shambhu Raje becoming the King but tells Khandoji that it is not possible for him to travel to Raigad as he is not keeping well.

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