Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji 18 September 2019 Written Update: Kondaji Baba And Siddi Fight

In Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji, Kondaji Baba gets caught by Siddi. They begin fighting and Siddi's men arrest Kondaji Baba.

Scene from Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji

In the recent episode of Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji, Kumaji is looking for Abdullah who is gone missing. Siddi is asking for Abdullah’s presence. Meanwhile, Raje’s spy has mixed a sleeping medicine in the food which will be served to the guards. After having the medicine, the guard collapses. Raje’s other spy makes Janjira canons useless by changing the screws. During this, one of the guards at Janjira finds Abdullah’s dead body which is hidden under hay. He quickly alerts Siddi and his army. After seeing Abdullah’s corpse, Siddi realises that there is a plan unveiling in Janjira.

Watch the video below:

Kondaji Baba has reached the door of the storage room where all the arms and ammunition have been kept. He strangles the guard at the door and enters the room. He starts destroying the gunny sacks filled with arms and ammunition. As Kondaji Baba lights up the flame, Siddi comes and extinguishes it. Siddi and Kondaji Baba get in a fight and start accusing each other. Siddi calls Kondaji Baba a betrayer but Kondaji Baba says he has always been loyal to Sambhaji. Siddi and Kondaji Baba take out their swords and begin fighting each other.

Siddi wants to kill Kondaji Baba but the latter promises that he is unstoppable and he will emerge as the winner. As Kondaji Baba is running to light up the flame once again, Siddi stabs Kondaji Baba multiple times. Siddi men come and start fighting with Kondaji Baba and arrest him. During this fight, Sambhaji and his army are ascending towards Janjira.

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