Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji 18 March 2019 Written Update: Sambhaji To Forgive Anaji Pant?

According to Samarth's advice, Pant maybe reinstated with a title.

A scene from Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji.

In the recent episode of Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji, Anaji Pant asks Samarth Ramdas for help by sending him a letter. He writes about the current situation in Sambhaji’s kingdom and pleads for a title. Balaji Pant is against the fact that Anaji Pant has sent that letter because this could turn against them. But, the latter is too furious to listen to him. Meanwhile, Battashi Bai is upset with the reply Samarth has sent. She conveys these feelings to Yesubai as Soyraibai overhears this conversation. On asking about its content, Samarth has asked Sambhaji to walk on Shivaji’s footsteps and take care of the kingdom.

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Soyrabai reveals to them her conversation with Anaji Pant. The ladies wonder if Samarth will intervene in the court politics given he has taken saintly route now. Sambhaji calls for a meeting with his courtiers. He asks Kaviraj to read the letter by Samarth. He does as told. After reading the poetic letter, everyone is pleased with the way he has written it. They say Samarath has asked to remember Shivaji Raje’s teaching. Then, Anaji Pant says this letter is a scolding more than a piece of advice. Sambhaji sarcastically asks that who is Samarath scolding, to which Pant replies to Shambhu Raje. He says it’s the other way round. Meaning, Samarth has complimented Sambhaji and while criticised Anaji Pant who has tried to pull him down every time. Samarth is upset that Pant to disturb his meditative state to complain about the state affairs. Anaji Pant is shocked and humiliated after Sambhaji reveals this in front of the court.

A scene from Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji.
A scene from Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji.

Sambhaji asks Balaji Kaka that he will always obey his word till the end of his life. He need not worry as he will always making proud. Following this, Balaji Kaka is asked to spread the wise quotes from Samarth’s letter in the whole kingdom. Finally, Sambhaji warns Anaji Pant from disturbing saints like that any further. As he knows Pant’s ways of working, he will the title that he deserves when the time is right. Anaji Pant is very embarrassed. Meanwhile, Yesubai congratulates Sambhaji for his reply to Samarath. He replies that he cannot afford to taint his image in front of Samarth. Maharaj feels this letter is n’t just for one person, it’s for everyone. We have to remember how Chhatrapati Shivaji worked. Sambhaji considers giving Pant a title according to Samarth’s advice.

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