Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji 13 April 2019 Written Update: Sambhaji Honours Kaviraj

Sambhaji does not forget Kaviraj as he calls him as one of his loyal supporters and honours him as Chhandogamatya.

A scene from Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji.

In today’s episode of Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji, Sambhaji continues to elect his Mantri Mandal. He takes the names of all his soldiers and people who have played an important role in Swarajya. As a King, he not only mentioned the names of his sardars but also of the soldiers who have time and again proved their loyalty to Swarajya and their King.

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He then calls brave soldiers Chotyaji Kesarkar and Raiyappa Gaikwad who despite being soldiers risked their lives to save Sambhaji not once or twice but every time. Sambhaji promotes them as sardars and tells them that henceforth they will have the uniform of sardars. With this, Sambhaji yet again proves he is following the footsteps of his father Shivaji Maharaj. He also tells everyone that each individual should aspire to become great not by putting others down but by helping each other to rise.

Sambhaji shares how he learnt from his father that the one who rules the sea is the one who rules the world. And keeping this learning in mind, he felicitates the soldiers and sardars who keep Swarajya safe from the negative forces entering through the sea. Sambhaji elects Yesubai as the Kulmukhtyar of Swarajya, which means that she will be the one who will look after everything in Sambhaji’s absence just like his father elected his mother. He also tells that the post of Rajmata will remain with Soyrabaisaheb. He also gives 300 mansabdari to Prince Rajaram and wishes good luck for his future.

After receiving this, she gets worried if Sambhaji has forgotten to elect Kaviraj as he has not mentioned his name for any of the posts. Sambhaji remembers how his father had his loyal supporters who fought for him without thinking of their own lives.

He then tells that even he has met one such personality who is not just faithful but expects nothing but friendship. He then calls out Kaviraj and gives him the honour of Chhandogamatya. Sambhaji remembers all the moments with Kaviraj. Kaviraj then shares that this is the most important day of his life as he has been honoured by brave King Sambhaji.

What will Anaji Pant do next to remove Kaviraj from Swarajya? Keep watching to know more.

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