Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji 10 June 2019 Preview: Raoji Nana Happy To Be Away From Anaji Pant

In Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji, after being influenced by Kaviraj, Raoji Nana goes on a mission out of Raigad and stays away from Anaji Pant.

In the recent episode of Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji, Soyabai asks about the letter from Anaji Pant but he hasn’t got it from Akbar. Soyrabai gets furious and gives an ultimatum of two days to Anaji Pant. He doesn’t take her seriously and starts planning ways to gather people against Sambhaji. Meanwhile, Yesubai makes the laws at Raigad even more serious and asks Kaviraj to implement it right away. Kaviraj speaks to Raoji Nana and tells him to stay away from Anaji Pant.

Watch the latest preview below:

Anaji Pant doesn’t care about the rules laid by Ranisaheb. He says he can override them easily and collect people for his agenda. Meanwhile, Yesubai sends Raoji Nana on a mission which he gladly goes on.

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