Sonalee Kulkarni’s Metallic Touch Is What Your Wardrobe Needs Right Now

If you have been afraid to wear this style, here's a guide for you.

Irada Pakka actress Sonalee Kulkarni

If the gone fashion weeks were any indication, then you would know that metallic is back in fashion.  Like any fashionista out there, Irada Pakka actress Sonalee Kulkarni was quick to jump on the metallic style-wagon and post a picture of her slaying in it!

Catch Sonalee Kulkarni’s performance down below in Irada Pakka on ZEE5:

A metallic outfit can single-handedly add a touch of OOMPH in the otherwise dull outfit. If you are tempted to wear it, then, here are ways to bless your wardrobe with the metallic touch!

1. Metallic skirt

metallic skirt
Source: Instagram

The shiny plead skirt easily takes us back to the vintage era! If you are not on board with it, let the sexy pencil skirt do the talking. With these options, you are set to rock ‘n’ roll!

2. Pants

metallic pants
Source: Instagram

Is it even a girls night without a hint of metallic? You could style it under a black bodysuit or a top (keep it tucked in). Depending on your mood, will you opt for sneakers or heels?

3. Top

silver metallic top
Source: Instagram

You can always pair this top with boyfriend jeans and classic black stilettos. Do a smokey eye makeup and go nude on the lips. Just like Rihanna said, you will shine bright like a diamond.

Don’t let the outfit daunt you. You can wear it, own it and slay it. Let us know in the comments below the ways you are going to style it!

If you are a fan of Sonalee, then, don’t forget to catch her sizzling performance in Apsara Aali streaming free on ZEE5.