Shreya Bugde And Abhidnya Bhave’s Pictures Will Make You Call Your BFF Right Now

Keeping their drama just limited to their professional lives, these actresses show us the magic of female friendships.

Shreya Bugde And Abhidnya Bhave

Like, Carrey Bradshaw said, “They say nothing lasts forever; dreams change, trends come and go but friendship never goes out of style.”  Talking to your best friend(s) is one of the best things about life. Such long-lasting friendship is seen between Shreya Bugde and Abhidnya Bhave. Although they are top actresses in the leading shows of Zee Marathi (Chala Hawa Yeu Dya and Tula Pahate Re), they are still each other’s go-to person.

Meanwhile, you can watch Shreya Bugde entertain us on her comedy show, Chala Hawa Yeu Dya 

Here are four times  they gave us goals and checked all our ‘friendship’ priority boxes.

1. Soulmates

Shreya captioned this picture, “Not without my BFF.” You always consider talking to your best friend before taking a major decision in life. Your besties are your secret keepers and (free) therapists.

2. Meet and greets!

Albeit they are juggling between hectic work and personal lives, they still find time in meeting each other and (more importantly) clicking a selfie.

3. Partners in crime

Abhidnya honoured her friendship with Shreya with this post. A real friendship goes beyond sharing Netflix together, it’s about listening to them and making them feel heard.

 4. Smiles and hugs 

Whoever said that actresses can’t be friends definitely haven’t seen the blooming friendship between Shreya Bugde and Abhidnya Bhave.

Taking inspiration from them, tell us, what is your definition of friendship? Comment below!

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