Shilpa Tulaskar To Enter Tula Pahate Re As Rajanandini?

The actress who is rumoured to play Vikrant Saranjame's wife teased us about the character.

Shilpa Tulaskar from Tula Pahate Re

Every evening we enjoy the experience of going home from work to watch Tula Pahate Re. Given all the twists and turns in Vikrant Saranjame’s plan, all our attention is glued to the screen. We see Subodh Bhave essaying this famous role. More importantly, it is also the curiosity around Rajanandini’s topic that keeps coming back for more episodes.

Before you proceed, watch Tula Pahate Re below:

We have seen glimpses of Shilpa in the title track of Tula Pahate Re. Although we are still yet to see her in the serial, it encouraged the rumour mill of her playing this role. Currently, the topic of Rajanandini is the most talked about as she is Vikrant Saranjame’s first wife. So, when a leading news organisation asked her about this, she neither confirmed nor denied this rumour. Shilpa teased us saying that we’ll have to just wait and watch what happens.

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….. Watch it ! 😊

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Being avid fans of the show, we will take as a green signal. If that isn’t enough, she has promoted the show on her social media handle. Since Rajanandini’s character is dead in the present, we are hoping to see Shilpa in the flashbacks paired opposite Subodh.

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