Ratris Khel Chale 2: Will Pandu And Kashi’s Meeting Create Trouble? Watch Promo

What are Pandu and Kashi upto? Watch promo and find out!

A Still From Ratris Khel Chale 2 Featuring Kashi

Currently on Zee Marathi’s popular horror show Ratris Khel Chale 2, Sarita has come under fire for spending time with Shobha and Vacchi. In the recent episode, we saw that that the two get back at Sarita by visiting her home and threatening her family. Vacchi and Shobha tell Mai and Datta about how Sarita has been spending maximum time at their place. They ask Mai to keep an eye on Sarita, before pointing fingers at others. Sarita is left red faced and faces the wrath of her family when one of them drags her to the pooja room and asks her to speak the truth in front of God.

Watch the latest episode here.

In the upcoming episode, more trouble will be underway when Pandu and Datta will come face to face. Their families avoid the two from mixing together, considering that they are both mentally handicapped. However Pandu and Datta will meet and will be up to their usual buffoonery. Watch the promo here.

In the video, we can see Kashi trying to convince Pandu that the stick that he holds, is actually a gun. They also have a discussion on the scene that they smell and whether it is ittar or not. Oh god, what will these two do next?

Do you think their meeting will create trouble for the two families? Stay tuned for more updates!

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