Ratris Khel Chale 2: Shevanta To Reveal Her Affair With Anna?

Shevanta wants to seek revenge from Anna. Will she apply this tactic to do so?

A Still Of Shevanta

In the recent episode of Ratris Khel Chale 2, we saw Shevanta losing her cool on Anna. He storms out of the house and leaves Shevanta behind, while she’s taking care of her ailing daughter Sushma. She is furious and says that their daughter is ill, and Anna has no regards for the same. He shamelessly leaves her alone to take care of Sushma. Meanwhile, Chhaya – who has been locked in a room by Anna – begs for her family to release her. 

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Mai asks Chhaya to reveal the reason behind Anna having locked her in the room, but she refuses to do so. Instead, she tells Mai that Anna is a wile man who can’t be trusted. Mai asks her to stop talking that way about her father, but Sarita intervenes and says that it’s high time that she (Mai) stop covering up for Anna. Sarita points out that he is a dangerous man that everyone needs to be aware of.

Back home, Shevanta starts panicking as her daughter’s health deteriorates. In a fit of anger, she vouches to reveal Anna’s truth and expose their affair. Shevanta says that she will tell all the villagers that Sushma is her and Anna’s daughter. 

Will she really do it? Will she risk her own reputation in order to expose Anna? Stay tuned to find out! Catch all the episodes of Ratris Khel Chale 2, streaming for free on ZEE5.