Ratris Khel Chale 2: Anna’s House Haunted, Is It Due To Vacchi’s Black Magic? Watch Promo

Who is haunting Anna's house? Watch the promo inside and find out!

A Still From Ratris Khel Chale 2

On Zee Marathi’s popular horror show Ratris Khel Chale 2, it was recently shown that Vacchi and Sarita performed black magic, in order to cause harm to Anna. The evil man shares messy relations with Vacchi’s family and has even hurt her son Kashi in the past. As a result, Vacchi and her daughter-in-law Shobha are on a mission to seek revenge from Anna. And by the looks of the latest promo, it seems their plan is succeeding!

Watch the latest episode here.

In the latest promo, it is shown that Anna is furious with Sarita and her son, for keeping relations with Vacchi’s family. He goes to the extent of kicking his own grandson out of his house. Watch here.

Mai tries to protect him but in vain. She prays to the lord to protect her grandson and while doing so, something strange happens. Mai opens her eyes and sees that all her idols have been knocked over. Why did this happen?

Is it because someone’s spirit has entered Anna’s house and is about to haunt his family? Is it the spirit that Vacchi and Shobha sent to Anna’s place with their black magic? Stay tuned to find out!

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