Power Couple Nivedita-Ashok Saraf Thank The Police With This Sweet Gesture – Watch Video

The Agga Bai Sasubai actress and her husband sent a small token of appreciation to the police station in their area.

Nivedita Saraf and Ashok Saraf

The nation has been gripped by coronavirus which has already claimed the lives of many across the world. The authorities in India have put restrictions on certain things to slow down the spread of the disease. The responsibility of keeping things running smoothly during the lockdown lies with the police forces. The police have been working selflessly without caring about their own lives to keep the citizens safe. Numerous celebrities have already expressed gratitude to the police officials for their humble efforts. Nivedita and Ashok Saraf recently did the same but in a slightly different way.

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Nivedita Saraf, the actress from Agga Bai Sasubai, and her husband Ashok noticed the efforts taken by the Oshiwara police station to ensure smooth functioning in the area where the couple resides. To appreciate their service, the two decided to gift them Aamras Puri. Nivedita cooked the dish made out of seasonal mangoes and sent it to the police station herself. The couple was quoted saying, “We always had a lot of respect for the police forces but after seeing their selfless act during the lockdown, the respect has doubled. This is our small token of appreciation for their service.” A sweet gesture indeed, don’t you think?

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