Poll Result: Nandita’s Straightened Hair Is Better Than Curled, Say Fans!

You guys have chosen the straightened hair look for Tuzhat Jeev Rangala actress Dhanashri Kadgoankar. Results inside!

A Still Of Dhanashri Kadgaonkar

Dhanashri Kadgaonkar is always experimenting with her looks, especially her hairstyles. The beauty is seen as Nandita in Zee Marathi’s Tuzhat Jeev Rangala and has sported various hairdos on the show, be it a bun, semi-tied hair etc. Dhanashri is always equally adventurous when it comes to her reel-life style. The actress keeps fluctuating between having straightened, curly or wavy hair. She recently got a makeover where she went for heavy curls, as opposed to her straightened hairdo earlier. So we decided to ask your opinion on which look you like more!

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We conducted a poll, asking you to vote for the hairstyle of Dhanashri’s that you like more- curled or straightened look. The results are in and you fans have chosen the latter! All of you are of the opinion that Dhanashri looks much better with straight hair and we agree with you too. The actress looks more chic and stylish with her slick hair, rather than curled.

So Dhanashri, if you’re reading this, you know how to wear your hair the next time. After all, janta’s verdict is the most important, right? Stay tuned for all the updates here and catch all the episodes of Tuzhat Jeev Rangala, streaming for free on ZEE5 here.