Parna Pethe Has This Thing Similar To Her Character From Faster Fene

Have you appreciated Aboli's ambition to become a crime journalist? Then you would be happy to know she is exactly the same in real life.

Faster Fene actress Parna Pethe smiles for the camera.

We loved Parna Pethe’s supporting role in Faster Fene streaming on ZEE5. It was Fene and Aboli’s intelligence and ability to take risks that solved the crime quicker than the cops could. If you have enjoyed watching the film just as much as us, then, you should know Parna’s personality in real life is very similar to her role, Aboli.

Watch Parna Pethe bring the murderer to justice in Faster Fene

In this Marathi film, you see every character is crafted excellently. Just like Banesh Fene’s acumen, I liked Aboli’s ambition and fearless attitude. She wasn’t just being a crime journalist for the thrill it. Recently, in an interview with a leading daily, Parna said, “Do not fear to experiment. The years in school and college are full of opportunities and its always right to expand and discover oneself, rather than limiting ourselves.” Being her fans, she motivated us to work harder fearlessly.

Parna stood by this mantra and established her forte in theatre which she has loved since the college days. In the Faster Fene too, she continues to shine through by working towards being a good journalist.

Did you like Parna’s character just as much as us? We would love to know in the comments.

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