Nude: 5 Lessons We Can Take Away From Yamuna And Chandrakka’s Solid Bond In The Film

There film has been directed by Ravi Jadhav. More details inside!

1. Always support each other

A Still From Nude
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Aside from impeccable storytelling and brilliant performances, Ravi Jadhav’s Nude also boasts of a great friendship shown between Yamuna and her aunt Chandrakka. The characters are played Kalyanee Mulay and Chhaya Kadam. Both these actresses do a splendid job in essaying their deep bond in the film. Nude tells the story of Yamuna who leaves her abusive husband and travels to Mumbai with her son. In order to fund her son’s education, she starts working as a nude model in JJ School of Arts.

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Her only anchor is her aunt Chandrakka. Throughout the journey, you see her supporting Yamuna through thick and thin. These women are battling a patriarchal society and have only each other to rely on. Hence, their friendship shows us that it’s important to have your friend’s back, no matter what.

2. Don't judge one another

A Still From Nude
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Yamuna and Chandrakka both have some skeletons in their closet. And yet, we don’t see them judging each other. They accept one another whole heartedly. It’s important to realise that we are all humans at the end of the day, hence making mistakes is natural.

3. Motivate one another

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Yamuna is time and again unsure about working as a nude model. But Chandrakka asks her to take it up, as there’s nothing to be ashamed about, regarding the profession. She motivates Yamuna, and that’s a trait we can all apply with our close friends. After all, there’s nothing like a bestie to make you feel better after a rough day, is there?

4. Be vulnerable

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You can’t really get close to someone unless you lose inhibitions and show your vulnerable side. That’s the real you, which your friend can get a chance to see. In Nude, Chandrakka and Yamuna are completely honest and comfortable with each other. There’s no pretense of any sort. Once you can do that with a friend, you know that he/she is a keeper.

5. Keep the trust

A Still From Nude
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A relationship isn’t complete without trust. In the film, we see Yamuna hesitant about her profession and asks Chandrakka to keep it a secret, even from her own nephew. The latter maintains it, till the very end. It’s important to keep the trust alive to maintain a solid friendship or even a relationship.

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