Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2 Teaches You How To Deal With An Ex Who Keeps Bouncing Back

It is hard to get away from the person with whom we have shared a past. But, Mukta Barve will help you wriggle out of this situation #LikeABoss.

Mumbai Pune Mumbai actors Swapnil Joshi and Mukta Barve in a still from the film.

When Ellie King sang, “They won’t let go. Ex’s and oh’s”, she literally hit my favourite ‘rant’ cord. These exes simply don’t seem to let you go, especially, when they see you happy. But, you can’t settle for these moments. To overcome this situation, here’s a lesson you can learn from Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2 on ZEE5 that you will help deal with your ex like a boss babe.


When Gauri’s ex, returns to her life while she is about to get married, she handles him calmly. Like her, you can’t deny your relationship or go crazy when you see them again.  She tells him the truth about her marriage. More importantly, she doesn’t hide her past from Gautam (Swapnil Joshi). Not accepting something that happened with you in the past only shows how much difference it still makes on you.

Mukta Barve and Swapnil Joshi in a still from Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2.
Mukta Barve and Swapnil Joshi in a still from Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2.

Getting back with your ex (in most cases) is just as ridiculous as sipping on glitter coffee. Take things in your hand as you are the girl boss.  Got it, girl?

What are your ways of letting go those irritating exes? We would love to know in the comments below.

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