Mrs Mukhyamantri: Will Suresh Be Able To Settle His Debt With Mama?

Is he going to come under stress again? Read the details inside to find out!

A Still Of Mrs Mukhyamantri

In the recent episode of Mrs Mukhyamantri, we saw Suresh getting admitted in the hospital, on account of his ailing health. Baban argues with the nurse and asks her to let him stay the night with Suresh. But she says that only one guest is allowed to stay back with the patient. Samar fills in and spends the night at the hospital. He talks to Suresh and the latter reveals that in order to make money, he took up an extra job which stressed him out and made him fall ill. He adds that he wishes to have lots of money to start his food business and Suresh assures him that he will make that happen for him and Summi.

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Later, Baban sneaks into the hospital and joins Suresh and Samar. He spends the night, by hiding underneath Suresh’s bed. Summi arrives too and the four of them have a nice time chatting with Suresh. The next morning, he gets discharged and it’s discovered that his medical bills have been filed by Mama. Suresh takes Mama aside and thanks him for his kindness. He adds that he will repay Mama the money soon. The latter taunts Suresh, saying that he still hasn’t been able to repay the money he owes him so how will he manage to do so now. Suresh is left embarrassed and stressed.

Does this mean he will take up an extra job once again to repay the debt? Is his health in jeopardy again? Stay tuned for all the updates here! Catch all the episodes of Mrs Mukhyamantri, streaming for free on ZEE5 here.