Mazhya Navryachi Bayko: Would Maya Pose As A Threat To Radhika And Saumitra’s Bond?

Maya can be seen getting very close and informal with Saumitra, as well as his family.

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Zee Marathi’s Mazhya Navryachi Bayko has introduced a new character Maya, who is apparently Saumitra’s best friend. Currently, Gurunath’s is obsessed with Maya and plans to use her as his pawn, to seek revenge from Radhika and Shanaya. He is also smitten by her beauty and her influential position at SB.

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Maya’s return to India does not have a major impact on Radhika. Even her friendship with Saumitra and their closeness does not make Radhika insecure. Her trust in Saumitra and the strength of their bond is clearly visible. But is this just friendship for Maya as well?

Source: Zee
Source: ZEE5

Maya can be seen getting very close and informal with Saumitra, as well as his family. Maya’s behaviour towards Saumitra is very caring and looks like she maybe thinks of him more than a friend. Radhika’s life has been ruined by the entry of another woman before, but this time, she would definitely fight back, if, in fact, Maya is a threat.

Maya previously held a strong position at the office, but Radhika’s ideas have overtaken hers. Radhika is seen achieving approvals and this has made Maya a bit jealous. We think she feels that Radhika has taken her place. It would be fun to see what happens next and if Maya tries to get closer to Saumitra or Gurunath falls in love with her first!

Source: Zee
Source: Zee

Is Maya posing a threat to Radhika? She can be the reason for Radhika and Saumitra break up. What do you think about this? Vote below to let us know.

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