Mazhya Navryachi Bayko: Should Gurunath Choose Maya Or Shanaya? Vote Now!

Will Gurunath choose Maya or Shanaya? Vote now to let us know what you think!

Zee Marathi’s Mazhya Navryachi Bayko is currently showing Gurunath two-timing between Maya and Shanaya. It’s now evident that Gurunath’s infidelity is a serious issue and not a one-time occurrence. But will the consequences of his meandering ways always be the same? We think not! The last time when Gurunath cheated on Radhika, the latter was still pretty mature about the way she handled the situation, compared to how we think Shanaya would react! Radhika’s nature is very kind and compassionate. However, such is not the case with Shanaya, who is mostly unpredictable and can be erratic. Gurunath’s two-timing led to his divorce with Radhika and he started living with Shanaya. The latter and Mrs. Sabnis’ attempts to launder money out of Gurunath, led him straight to Maya. He started viewing Maya as the ladder to his success. But is he also falling in love with the beauty who has proven that she also has brains?

Gurunath is seen trying to lure Maya on his side and win her trust, as he reasons it being one of his moves to get money from Yashwant’s company, who has currently hired him. He is thinking of using Maya’s proximity with Saumitra and his family, to get a better position in the company. But is it just an excuse as he is attracted to Maya? We think it is! Gurunath is a serial two-timer and has done the same previously. He cannot stay loyal and keeps falling for other women. We think his affair with Maya is more than a business motive and he is trying to use work and money as a ruse for hiding the actual facts!

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We recently saw how Maya and Shanaya discovered the truth about each other. While Shanaya blamed it on Maya and clearly told Gurunath that their marriage is over, Maya on the other hand, simply stormed off after witnessing all the drama. Gurunath needs to be very clever regarding saving the situation now. But if he had to make a choice between Maya and Shanaya, who do you think it would be?

We think it would be Maya as Shanaya has been making life tough for Gurunath for some time now. Shanaya’s money woes and her constant demands have irritated Gurunath. Whereas Maya is a rich and independent woman, being with whom should work wonders for Gurunath! What do you think? Who will Gurunath end up with? Vote below!

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