Mazhya Navryachi Bayko: Here’s How Maya Can Make Amends With Radhika And Saumitra

Here's a look at how Maya can apologise for her past mistakes and start a fresh chapter with Radhika and her best friend Saumitra.

Maya From Mazhya Navryachi Bayko

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko is a popular family drama revolving around the life of Radhika and Gurunath, a former couple who have now separated. Given Gurunath’s affair with Shanaya, Radhika decided to part ways and began her new innings by getting married to her best friend Saumitra. Despite the complications in her personal life, Radhika managed to impress everyone including Saumitra’s father with her topnotch business skills. To give a push to Radhika’s career, Saumitra’s father even made her the CEO of his SB Group of Companies. This has made Gurunath extremely jealous of Radhika’s successful graph as an entrepreneur and so, he wants to sabotage her career. He came closer to his goal after Maya’s entry into his life. He has now manipulated Maya and used her to gain access to Radhika’s inner circle which includes Saumitra and Mr. Banhatti (Saumitra’s father). On the other hand, Maya has turned a blind eye to Saumitra and is driven by her ambition to become the CEO of SB Company and replace Radhika.

Watch how Maya blackmails Radhika in an episode of Mazhya Navryachi Bayko here.

On Gurunath’s instructions, Maya blackmailed Radhika into giving up the position of CEO. She resorted to evil means without giving a thought about the implications it would have on her friendship with Saumitra. Maya is a typical business-minded woman who desperately wants to become CEO. Gurunath knows this fact and uses it to his benefit. He tricks her into believing that Radhika wants to get rid of Maya from the company forever. Together they make plans to humiliate Radhika who thwarts all their attempts like a boss. After realising that Gurunath is using Maya, Radhika convinces the latter to stay away from him.

Maya From Mazhya Navryachi Bayko
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In the track of the latest episode, we can see Maya having second thoughts about Gurunath. Will she get rid of him from her life? That is for us to see. However, she can certainly try to apologise before Radhika and prove to be the bigger person. Here’s how she can do so. Firstly, she needs to make amends with Saumitra whom she’s best friends with. Saumitra is the reason behind Maya’s existence in the company. She needs to apologise to him for threatening the reputation of the company.

A Still From Mazhya Navryachi Bayko
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It was not just Saumitra whose reputation was in danger but Radhika’s too. Keeping past differences aside, Maya can earn her lost respect by dealing with the situation gracefully. She can even extend an olive branch and join forces with Radhika and Shanaya. Maya can help them teach Gurunath a lesson that he would remember forever. Considering her talents, Maya can also offer to expand the business of SB Group of Companies after teaming up with Radhika. If needed, she can step aside from the management and let Radhika handle everything while she focusses on the setup of the company in America.

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