Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 7 October 2019 Written Update: Saumitra’s Mother Likes Radhika

In Mazhya Navryachi Bayko, Saumitra introduces his mother to Radhika.

In the recent episode of Mazhya Navryachi Bayko, Saumitra’s mother enters and starts complimenting Radhika’s journey from Nagpur to Mumbai. She confesses that she had done research on Radhika’s background before meeting her. Radhika is reminded of the way she crossed the hurdles so bravely without complaining. Finally, Saumitra’s mother says that she is proud of Radhika. Then, Saumitra introduces his mother to all the employees of Radhika’s office. Saumitra’s mother asks Radhika if they can discuss her and Saumitra’s marriage the following day at the Subhedar house. Radhika is nervous as Saumitra’s mother knows her past with Gurunath.

Watch the video below:

Gurunath, who is at home alone, dreams that Radhika has come to give him coffee. He can’t stop staring at her makeover as he dips his finger accidentally in the hot coffee. Turns out, it is Shanaya not Radhika in reality. Shanaya starts shouting at Gurunath for dreaming about Radhika and reminds him that Radhika and Saumitra are together. She tells him that Saumitra’s mother had come to the office to talk about marriage. Gurunath gets jealous on hearing this.

Everyone at the Subhedar house is preparing to welcome Saumitra’s mother the following day. The seniors tell Radhika that they all will be present when Saumitra and Radhika’s marriage talks begin. Radhika is overwhelmed and doesn’t know how to reciprocate. It is decided they will do Radhika’s kanyadaan. Meanwhile, that night, Gurunath dreams that Saumitra is taking Radhika far away from him. He accidentally kicks Shanaya and she falls from the bed.

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