Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 6 May 2019 Preview: Will Radhika Find Out About The Robbery?

Gurunath has got the cash but nobody is aware because he was in the washroom according to everyone.

In tonight’s episode, Aai is worried about Guru as he is missing for a very long time. Radhika meets Shanaya and Popatrao while she comes to take gifts from her car. Popatrao threatens her and Soumitra that he won’t forgive her for the insult. Gurunath who has successfully replaced the bag is looking out for a cab so that he can reach the marriage hall before anyone notices his absence. Aai tells Soumitra to check on Gurunath if he is alright because he is in the washroom for a very long time. Soumitra decides to break open the door and sees Guru inside.

Watch the latest episode below:

In the preview of the next episode, Mrs Sabnis tells Shanaya that while she was roaming with Popatrao, Kedya has got money in the house. She further tells her that once they get the money they will run away. Popatrao is seen talking on the phone call about Radhika and tells someone that he is going to take revenge soon. Gurunath is thinking about how he smartly robbed the money and Radhika’s reaction when she finds out that the money is not there.

Will Radhika come to know that Guru is behind this? Keep watching to know more.

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