Mazhya Navryachi Bayko: 5 Times Saumitra Proved That He Values His Friendship With Maya

Saumitra is a loyal friend to Maya and considers his friendship as priceless. Here are five times Saumitra proved that he values the same.

Saumitra and Maya- Mazhya Navryachi Bayko

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko is a show that sheds light on extramarital affairs. It revolves around Gurunath and Radhika, a former couple who have now parted ways. Radhika got married to her best friend Saumitra while Gurunath married Shanaya. In an interesting turn of events, Gurunath has now lost all his affection for Shanaya and has diverted his attention towards Maya. The latter is a close friend of Saumitra, who handles all the work of the SB Group of Companies from the United States.

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As we have seen in the recent episodes, Gurunath has been using Maya as a pawn to seek revenge against Radhika. Maya blackmailed Radhika into resigning from the post of CEO of SB. Radhika had to give in to their demands. She even agreed to merge her own company Radhika Masale with SB Company which irked Saumitra. He tried to investigate further into this matter but to no avail. Saumitra confronted Radhika who wouldn’t tell the truth as she was in a dilemma. On the other hand, Saumitra confided in Maya and asked her if she was involved in the matter.

The narrative of the show shifted focus after Maya’s entry into the show. She’s a close friend of Saumitra’s, who has complete faith in her and trusts her blindly. On the other hand, Maya took advantage of their friendship and manipulated Saumitra’s wife Radhika upon Gurunath’s instructions. Maya is driven by her ambitions to take over the SB Group of Companies. Gurunath presses on this note while showing interest in her. Meanwhile, Saumitra fell prey to Maya’s disloyalty and faced trouble. However, he has not given up on their friendship and still trusts her. Saumitra considers Maya as a loyal friend and therefore is still very close to her. Here are 5 times when Saumitra proved that his friendship with Maya is priceless!

1. When Maya returned from the US

Maya surprised everyone including the audiences when she entered Saumitra’s life, announced. Saumitra took her out for dinner when Maya had returned from the US. As Maya didn’t have a place to crash, he even invited her to stay over at their place. Saumitra’s friendship with Maya definitely means the world to him!

Source: Zee5
Source: Zee5

2. When Maya felt dizzy and nauseous during Holi

During the Holi celebrations at Gulmohar society, everyone including Maya, Radhika, Saumitra were busy enjoying the festivities. Maya pretended to feel dizzy and nauseous in front of Saumitra and asked him to drop her. Saumitra decided not to be a part of the celebrations and chose to drive Maya home. However, he was tricked into doing so by Maya and Gurunath who had set up a trap for him. This move of Saumitra’s proved fatal for him. Gurunath and Maya took advantage of Saumitra’s intoxicated state and clicked intimate pictures of him with Maya to blackmail Radhika.

3. When Radhika became the CEO

Maya considered herself as a worthy candidate for the post of CEO of SB Company. She was a fierce competitor of Radhika and saw herself becoming the next CEO. However, all her efforts went in vain when Mr. Banhatti announced that Radhika will be made the next CEO. Maya was frustrated with this decision and decided to seek revenge from Radhika. The latter, on the other hand, tried to be the bigger person by sorting out all their misunderstandings. Saumitra helped her in doing so. He invited Maya for Radhika’s success party. He considered it his duty to call his dear friend Maya to the party.

a scene from mazhya navryachi bayko
A Still from Mazhya Navryachi Bayko

4. When he saw Gurunath getting close to Maya

Gurunath has been using Maya all this while for his own benefit. Maya who’s completely unaware of it, fell prey to Gurunath’s tricks, who has been pretending to have a soft corner for her. Saumitra noticed that Maya is getting closer to Guruanth and therefore felt it necessary to warn her about it. He advised Maya to stay away from Gurunath as he knows that the latter’s intentions are not good.

5. When Saumitra confided in Maya about Radhika

As Saumitra was unable to get the truth out of Radhika, he chose to confide in his friend Maya. He even asked Maya if she knew anything about Gurunath’s involvement in the plan. He trusts Maya completely and feels that Maya would be disloyal to him. On the other hand, we know how Maya has been disloyal to Saumitra and is involved in Gurunath’s devious plan to seek revenge against Radhika.

Saumitra and Maya- Mazhya Navryachi Bayko
Source: Zee5

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