Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 25 February 2020 Written Update: Gurunath Manipulates Mr.Banhatti

Gurunath manipulates Mr. Banhatti to make Radhika the CEO of the company and manipulate Maya against her. More details below

a scene from mazhya navryachi bayko

In tonight’s episode of Mazhya Navryachi Bayko, we see that Saumitra is very delighted to know that Radhika is the next CEO. He thanks his father for taking such a surprising step. Mr. Banhatti explained Saumitra that he wanted to clear the misconception that Saumitra had about him favoring Gurunath over Radhika. Saumitra and his father decide to surprise Radhika by telling her this good news.

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On the other hand, Maya cries as Mr. Banhatti chose Radha over her for CEO’s position. At that moment, Gurunath enters her cabin to congratulate her. To his surprise, Maya was sobbing and looked very disturbed. When he inquires to Maya, she tells him that Radhika has been declared to be the next CEO. Gurunath gets shocked and tells Maya that how can they select a moron like Radhika to be the CEO. Later, he acts to console Maya and fake promises her that no matter what he will stand by her.

Meanwhile, Saumitra and his father surprise Radhika by giving her flower bouquet. Knowing that she is going to be the CEO, Radhika goes through a mix of emotions. She thanks her father-in-law for believing in her and trusting her with such great responsibility. This news reaches Mrs. Sabnis and she immediately informs it to Shanaya. After, a while they realise that Radhika has become the CEO of a company in which Gurunath is working. They both get panicked to know that Gurunath’s job is at stake.

Kedya also expresses his concern about Gurunath’s job. Gurunath tells him that he has played his another trick because of which Radhika has been appointed as the CEO. Kedya is shocked and asks Gurunath to elaborate on what he is saying. Gurunath explained to him that he did not wanted Maya to become CEO by her own hard work and talent but he wanted Maya to become the CEO with his favor and help so that he can ask Maya to return his favors anytime he wants.

Will Gurunath’s tricks work or will Radhika fire him immediately? Find out on Mazhya Navryachi Bayko to find out!

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