Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 24 March 2020 Written Update: Gurunath Confesses His Love For Maya

Gurunath tells Maya that he loves her. Will she believe him? Read on to know more.

A Still From Mazhya Navryachi Bayko

In yesterday’s episode of the show Mazhya Navryachi Bayko, we saw how Radhika met Maya and warned her about Gurunath’s misbehaviour in the past. She also said that he would repeat it as he is a serial cheater. However, Radhika’s warning had no effect on Maya as Gurunath met her and managed to manipulate her once again. Meanwhile, Shanaya rebuked Radhika and told her that Maya would spill the beans in front of Gurunath. On the other hand, Radhika revealed that her blackmailer was Maya and Saumitra was left in shock.

In today’s episode,  Saumitra talks to Radhika about Maya and Gurunath’s plan. He is furious and adamant to punish them by filing a police complaint. But Radhika calms him down and tells him that she wants to get back at them in the same manner that they are plotting against her. She adds that she wants to take them down and she has a plan for it. Saumitra tells Radhika that she has his support whenever she requires it. Radhika is happy that Saumitra is trying to understand her situation.

On the other hand, the evil Gurunath manipulates Maya once again. He tries to twist the facts and tells her that Radhika is the person who plays all of these games against him. He tells her that he had a very unhappy marriage with Radhika, and adds that his parents hate him and are against him. Gurunath’s plea and his sorry act state make Maya sympathise with him. But Gurunath breaks all barriers of dishonesty as he goes on to tell Maya how much he loves her. Gurunath confesses that he would do anything in the world for her.

What would  Gurunath’s next move be? Is it Gurunath v/s Radhika once again? Stream all episodes of the show to know more.

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