Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 24 January 2020 Written Update: Gurunath Struggles To Prove Himself

Gurunath is striving hard to prove himself in the new company. How will he be able to do this? Find out the details inside.

A still from Mazhya Navryachi Bayko

In this episode of Mazhya Navryachi Bayko, we see Saumitra and Yashwant having lunch at Saumitra’s office. Saumitra asks Dixit to not order lunch, and have Radhika’s homemade food instead. Radhika also tells him to sit and taste it. They are interrupted by a phone call, that Radhika receives.

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On the other hand, Gurunath is forced to sweep the office. He says to himself that he had not hoped to start from scratch. He wants to sweep away all the past mistakes, and hopes to start afresh in the new office. Meanwhile, at Saumitra’s office, they talk about Maya, a person who single-handedly manages Yashwant’s business from America. Saumitra agrees that she is indeed a talented and smart girl. A few minutes later, Saumitra tells Radhika that he found the lunch made by her, extremely tasty. She is pleased to hear this.

Meanwhile, Gurunath is telling Kedya on the phone, that he is frustrated with his work already, but is still confident, that he will prove himself. Shanaya and Mrs. Sabnis decide to fool everyone and reach out to Gurunath. After a while, at Gurunath’s house, we see Radhika’s son Atharva crying, while Gurunath’s parents console him. Gurunath’s mother then calls Radhika up. At Gurunath’s office, he asks someone if the system is working. Meanwhile, Shanaya and Mrs. Sabnis are busy hiding away from the men, standing outside their home. They both run away from the scene, in search of Kedya.

At Gurunath’s house, we see Radhika consoling Atharva, and telling him to learn from his mistakes. She asks him to copy down the notes from Neha’s notebook. Their conversation is then interrupted by a call that Radhika receives.

What do you think happens next? Will Shanaya and Mrs. Sabnis be able to help Gurunath? Stay tuned to find out! For more drama, keep watching Mazhya Navryachi Baiko on ZEE5.