Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 23 March 2019 Written Update: Radhika’s Character Gets Questioned?

Radhika feels vulnerable and keeps her head on Soumitra's shoulder, this is seen by the people passing by and assume that Radhika is having an affair.

Anita Date in a scene from Mazhya Navryachi Bayko.

In today’s episode of Mazhya Navryachi Bayko,  Atharva asks Aai when his Baba come home. Aai then tells him that his Baba was not feeling well that is why they took him to the hospital. While they are talking, Gurunath comes home and Aai tells Guru to take rest. Revati tells Subodh that she has a strong feeling that this is also Gurunath’s plan to fool everyone. Subodh then tells Revati to calm down as Radhika is not in the state of mind to handle all of this at the moment, so they should give her some time to get herself out of it and then they can discuss it with her later.

Watch the episode below:

Mrs Sabnis is seen angry about what happened in the hospital. Shanaya unaware of what happened in the hospital questions her about her behaviour. Mrs Sabnis then tells her about what happened and asks Shanaya to forget Gurunath as she will find another rich person to get Shanaya married. 

Radhika opens up about her frustration before Soumitra and thanks him for his support. Radhika feels vulnerable and keeps her head on Soumitra’s shoulder. While this happens few ladies who are passing by see Radhika keeping her head on Soumitra’s shoulder and assume that they are having an affair just like her husband.

On the other hand, Gurnath calls Shanaya and tells her to give the phone to Mrs Sabnis. He then tells Mrs Sabnis that everything that happened in the hospital was fake and he did it so that he could gain everyone’s trust and sympathy. He further adds that he will get his position back and become the owner of the company and change its name from Radhika Masale to Shanaya Masale. After hearing this, Mrs Sabnis is thrilled and tells Shanaya that they are soon going to have Rs 300 crore.

Next day, Radhika tells Nana and Nani that she is will meet the lawyer and start the divorce proceedings as soon as possible. Hearing this, Nani and Nani assure her that whatever decision she is going take every one will be with her and support her decision.

Aai comes with some snacks in Gurunath’s room but she doesn’t utter a word. Gurunath then asks her why she is not talking to her. To this, Aai replies saying she doesn’t expect anything from him and she feels it was her fault that she couldn’t raise her child right. Hearing this, Gurunath pleads to Aai and starts his drama.

Will Aai forgive Gurunath for his doing? Watch out in the next episode.

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