Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 22 January 2020 Written Update: Shanaya Rescues Mrs Sabnis

Mehta accidentally gets Mrs. Sabnis high. Watch how Shanaya rescues her from his grasp. Details inside!

In this episode of Mazhya Navryachi Bayko, we see Saumitra and Radhika spending some quality time, over a cup of coffee. They feel nostalgic, thinking about the moments that they had enjoyed during the picnic. As days are passing by, their bond is getting stronger and they are coming closer to each other. 

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In the absence of Shanaya, Gurunath and Kedya are celebrating Gurunath’s success, by getting drunk. The two are partying, as Gurunath got an opportunity to prove himself at one of Banhatti’s loss-making branches. While talking to Kedya, Gurunath says that he feels insecure about Shanaya getting married to someone else. Meanwhile, Shanaya’s mother is shocked to see Mehta’s bed covered in rose petals. Shanaya tries to console her, but in vain. Suddenly, Mehta enters the room with a glass of milk, all excited to spend the first night with his beloved wife. He keeps the glass aside, to share some romantic moments with Mrs. Sabnis. Shanaya, who is hiding behind the curtains, promptly puts something in the milk. While dancing with Shanaya’s mother, she tries to make Mehta drink the milk.

However, Mehta refuses and instead, makes her drink the milk. The milk starts showing its effect. Mrs. Sabnis gets high and starts behaving funny. Eventually, she becomes unconscious, which leaves Shanaya and Mehta worried. When Mehta tries to help Shanaya’s mother, Shanaya hits him in head and he too loses his consciousness. She then escapes with her mother, leaving an injured Mehta behind.

When they return to their house, Shanaya finds Gurunath asleep. Shanaya’s mother, who gains consciousness now, disturbs Gurunath, by singing a song and tickling him. Gurunath thinks it is Shanaya, who is doing all this. He gets shocked when he sees that it’s Mrs. Sabnis who was messing with him. He later inquires Shanaya about what is wrong with her mother, but the latter ignores him saying, that she is tired, and needs to sleep.

What do you think will happen next? Stay tuned to find out! For more drama and fun, keep watching Mazhya Navryachi Baiko on ZEE5.