Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 21 January 2020 Written Update: Gurunath To Work For Yashwant?

Yashwant has handed over a major responsibility to Gurunath. Does this mean the latter will work in his company soon?

In today’s episode of Mazhya Navryachi Bayko, Gurunath is about to leave Yashwant’s cabin, when he is stopped by the latter. Yashwant tells him that he is not happy with the fact that Gurunath answered Banhatti’s phonecall, which came in from the US, without his permission. However, he ends up appreciating Gurunath for his prompt action, which helped in saving the company from massive trouble and interrogates him, on how he managed to do the same. To this, Gurunath informs him that once upon a time, he had been a CEO of a company and that he has the skill set, to resolve such issues.

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Yashwant, however, isn’t convinced and still thinks of Gurunath as a worthless person. He asks Dixit about whether his opinion on Gurunath, is on point or not. Dixit tells him about how big a cheat Gurunath is, and how dishonest he has been in both his professional as well as personal life. He further tells Yashwant about Gurunath’s ill actions in Radhika Masale, which resulted in his deterioration. Meanwhile back home, Shanaya is busy in preparations for her mom’s wedding with Mr Mehta. After meeting Yashwant, Gurunath talks to Kedya, who advises him to sell garments along with him. Gurunath refuses and instead, decides to wait for Yashwant’s call and comes up with a plan to work in the latter’s company. Right then, Gurunath gets a call from Yashwant, who asks to meet him. When Gurunath does so, Yashwant hands him a problem to solve. Seeing this, Dixit voices his concern to Yashwant, saying that he is trusting Gurunath much more than he deserves.

Yashwant assures Dixit that Gurunath won’t be able to solve the problem and says that he has given him the case, to make him realise his worth. As expected, Gurunath fails to solve the problem and understands that Yashwant is testing him. He asks the latter for one more chance so that he can land a job in the latter’s organisation. At that time, a worker claims that one of the branches of the bank, is running into losses and that they need to come up with a solution, as soon as possible. Gurunath overhears this and finds an opportunity to prove himself. He asks Yashwant to hand over the loss-making branch to him and assures him, that he will turn it into a successful one.

Giving it a deep thought, Yashwant finally hands over the task to Gurunath. Will he be able to carry it out successfully? Stay tuned!

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