Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 19 August 2019 Written Update: Gurunath Saves Atharva

In tonight's episode, Radhika comes searching for Atharva and sees him talking to Gurunath. She thinks that he was trying to kidnap him.

Gurunath and Atharva

In the recent episode of Mazhya Navryachi Bayko, Radhika panics when she gets a threatening call. A few moments later, Saumitra comes to the office and asks Radhika to calm down. Later that day, Mahadik and Rajwade come to the office and ask Radhika to stop defaming them or else she will have to pay the price for it. Radhika tells them that she hasn’t revealed the information to anyone. Gurunath goes out for some important work without informing Mrs Sabnis.

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In tonight’s episode, Radhika gets a call from the same person who earlier threatened her about Saumitra. This time, he tells her to check if Atharva has reached home safely. On hearing this, Radhika immediately calls Aai and gets to know that Atharva has not reached home yet.

She along with Anand and Jenny rush to the school to check if he is there. The teachers tell her that Atharva was in the bus queue but he suddenly went somewhere. Saumitra comes there and tells them that they should look for him in the nearby area. After searching for a while, they see Atharva talking to Gurunath. Without listening to anything, Radhika assumes that Gurunath tried to kidnap her son and the peon of the school start beating Gurunath. Atharva comes in between and says that some unknown person was trying to take him away but his father came there and saved him. 

Radhika feels a little bit guilty but then she warns Gurunath to stay away from Atharva. Later that day, Radhika calls the police and files a complaint against the caller. The police recommend Radhika to stay aware and inform them if the caller tries to call her again. Saumitra feels that the fraudsters, Mahadik and Rajwade might be involved as they want to take revenge from Radhika. 

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