Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 14 March 2019 Preview: Gurunath Loses Shanaya And Radhika?

Shanaya is not convinced by Gurunath's attempts to bring her back.

Gurunath’s truth about him being a driver is finally revealed to Shanaya in Mazhya Navryachi Bayko’s episode. Being too embarrassed of his profession, she ends their relationship and goes to her mother’s place. Both Aai and Radhika are furious at him for dancing on Shanaya’s tunes. Aai explains to him that if she really loved him she wouldn’t have left his side. Just like Radhika who has proudly stood by him.

Watch the preview below:

In the sneak peek, Gurunath again tries to convince Shanaya to stay with him as she drags her luggage. He goes down on his knees and apologises to her for lying to him. But, Shanaya is in no mood to listen. Radhika and Revati who watch this scene on the road approach him. Gurunath asks her to stop Shanaya from walking away. Radhika tells Shanaya that she couldn’t nourish her family for even two months. Shanaya replies that Radhika can divorce him if she wants, she really doesn’t care. Then, Radhika explains to him that this time he wasn’t wrong.  Gurunath was working hard honestly and earning money, but since Shanaya is embarrassed by him, she left him. Radhika says she won and Gurunath has lost both his wives.

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Like her character in Mazhya Navryachi Bayko, in real life, too, Anita Date is a supporter of women empowerment. Watch her talk about it candidly on ZEE5.