Mata Sanman 2019: Aaranyak, Kajvyancha Gaon And Lathe Joshi Win Big

This was followed by honouring Dada Ek Good News Aahe and Nude.

Red Carpet of Mata Sanman 2019

As awards season is going on, we see our Instagram feed flooding with celebrities holding their trophies. If you are an avid fan, you might congratulate them. Otherwise, if you are late on keeping up with the award function schedule, you should know Mata Sanman 2019 took place recently. In case, you have missed it, here’s a complete list of winners.

Before you proceed, check out Umesh Kamat’s movie Ajab Lagnaachi Gajab Gosht below:

Commercial Play

  • Best Actor: Umesh Kamat for Dada Ek Good News Aahe
  • Best Actress: Aishwarya Narkar for Soyare Sakal
  • Best Director: Aditya Ingale for Soyare Sakal
  • Best Natak: Aaranyak
  • Best Comic Actor: Ashish Pawar for Galati Se Mistake
  • Best Writer: Kalyani Pathare for Dada Ek Good News Aahe
  • Best Lights: Bhushan Desai for Ovi
  • Best Set: Prashant Rane for Ovi

Experimental Play

  • Best Actor: Dr Mohan Agashe for Jara Samjhun Ghya
  • Best Actress: Aboli Naik for Chi Shree Va Sau Sakhare
  • Best Director: Pradeep Vaidya for Kajvyancha Gaon
  • Best Writer: Pradeep Vaidya for Kajvyancha Gaon
  • Best Background Music: Ajit Parab for Kajvyancha Gaon
Umesh Kamat and Priya Bapat at Mata Sanman 2019
Umesh Kamat and Priya Bapat at Mata Sanman 2019.


  • Best Actress: Kalyani Mulye for Nude
  • Best Actor: Om Bhutkar for Mulshi Pattern
  • Best Supporting Actress: Chaya Kadam for Nude
  • Best Movie: Lathe Joshi
  • Best Director: Mangesh Joshi
  • Best Supporting Actor: Sumeet Raghavan for Ani… Dr. Kashinath Ghanekar
  • Best Art Direction: Santosh Phutane for Ani… Dr. Kashinath Ghanekar
  • Best Dialogues: Praveen Tarde for Mulshi Pattern
  • Best Music: Sayali Khare for Dis Yeti for Nude

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