Mangalsutra: 5 Times Vasudha Proved To Be The Ideal Mother By Protecting Her Children

Here's a look at all the times when Vasudha protected her children and showed them the right path. Videos inside!

1. Sameer's abduction

Alka Kubal’s character is that of an ideal mother in the Zee Marathi show Mangalsutra. Essaying the role of Vasudha, the actress has managed to pull off the role effortlessly. Vasudha is a devoted wife and mother, whose family is torn apart after she and her husband Narayan’s landlord Patil, falsely accuses the latter of murder. Narayan is forced to go to prison and as a result, Vasudha leaves for Mumbai with her three children. She decides to start a new chapter and opens up her own canteen. Vasudha does not give up on Narayan and meets him at regular intervals.

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In this episode, Vasudha can be seen searching for food to feed her children. They have just started to settle in Mumbai and make a life for themselves. Amidst this, when someone tries to abduct Sameer, Vasudha puts up a fight and saves her son! The episode is inspiring as it showcases her emotional as well as physical strength.

2. Sameer tries to commit suicide

Vasudha’s elder son Sameer falls prey to violent gangs and starts carrying out crimes to help them out. When he is asked not to go ahead with a crime, Sameer decides to end his life. However, Vasudha saves him in time, consoles him, and shows him the right path.

3. Vasudha tries to help strengthen Shekhar and Nisha's bond

Vasudha plays a huge role in bringing Shekhar and Nisha closer. She talks to her son’s partner and tells her all about his choices in food and what he was like during his childhood. Vasudha makes Nisha feel comfortable and at home. This is why Nisha later rejects Arjun’s proposal as she loves Shekhar and his family.

4. Vasudha helps Sameer regain concsiousness

Sameer and Nagesh are always at loggerheads as they both belong to rival gangs. When Nagesh attacks Vasudha’s canteen and decides to rob it, Sameer fights him. He gets hurt in the process and is about to die when Vasudha talks to him and tells him that she believes in him. This gives him the strength to live.

5. Vasudha helps Sampada by making honest revelations

Vasudha is a witness to Sampada and Mandar’s courtship. But before Mandar hears it from someone else, Vasudha reveals the truth of their marriage to him. She tells him all about Narayan and tries to keep everything transparent. Vasudha helps Sampada and Mandar in making their bond stronger.

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