Let Us Take A Moment And Applaud Jaydeep Saranjame’s Transformation On Tula Pahate Re

The actor Aashutosh Gokhale who plays this role has definitely got our attention through the Marathi show.

Jaydeep from Tula Pahate Re.

Usually, we love or hate the characters that we watch on our favourite TV shows. However, there is one such character on Tula Pahate Re who invoked neither of these extreme reactions but still remained memorable. We are talking about none other than Rajanandini’s younger brother, Jaydeep. We have seen Aashutosh Gokhale play this complex role with inherent expertise. Recently, after knowing the true face of Vikrant, Aashutosh’s character went through an evolution that, once upon a time, we could only imagine. So, today let’s take a moment and applaud Jaydeep’s character transformation in Tula Pahate Re.

Before you proceed, watch the show below:

At the beginning of Tula Pahate Re, we all thought Jaydeep was a rich spoilt kid who was simply immature. Every now and then, he used to show new inventions which wouldn’t work in front of everyone. Coming from a well-settled family, he was never in need of real money as it was always provided by the company. We all had our share of fun while laughing at his stupidity and his temperaments. At that point, we all thought Vikrant and Jaydeep were brothers. However, little did we know, Jaydeep was doing all of this under the effect of sedatives that Vikrant had given him.

A scene from Tula Pahate Re.
A scene from Tula Pahate Re.

As the story progressed, we saw how Isha’s entry in Jaydeep’s life saved him from the doom. In Rajanandini’s avatar, Isha made him see Vikrant’s truth. The man, whom he thought was his brother, was looting him off the money. Slowly, from an immature boy today Jaydeep has become a mature man one to be trusted. There are no more mood swings. As Sonya pointed out, he doesn’t spend money without thinking. He is heading the business empire and using his intelligence to make wise decisions. Unlike, the old times, we also realised Jaydeep isn’t the villain but Vikrant is. After watching Jaydeep’s uphill progress, we can’t wait to watch what the future has in store for Aashutosh’s character.

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