Learn How To Recognise Your BFF From Tejaswini Pandit And Abhidnya Bhave!

We are taking lessons from Zee Marathi's besties, Abhidnya Bhave and Tejaswini Pandit.

Not many of you know about Abidnya Bhave, Myra from Tula Pahate Re, and Tejaswini  Pandit’s tight offscreen bond.  Their friendship is our goals.  It’s not every day that you bump into people who are going to be your best friends. Finding a bestie is like hitting a jackpot. We all deserve to have someone who understands our temperaments and still want to stand by our side. With them, you can always be yourself without any judgement.

Here are signs that show you have found your BFF!

If you are a fan of Abhidnya Bhave on Tula Pahate Re, then, watch below:

 1.  They won’t like your new partner right away

No best friend will like your new partner right away. That’s like the carnal rule of friendship. They will become an FBI agent and stalk all their social media profiles to know the in and outs of your partner’s past relationships. There will be a certain amount of apprehension always flowing from your bestie’s end. However, the feeling will subside (or even grow) once they get to know them.

2. You have your own secret jokes

Secret jokes are what makes these friendships worth it. Your best friend and you won’t need words to share your humour. Do you remember the times when only you both have a secret eye contact and wink/smirk at each other in the room full of people?

3. They are the first people you want to dish out all the gossip to

What is friendship without some amount of gossiping? Hating the same people brings two people closer than a pizza and fries. You can have endless conversations and screenshots flowing back and forth with each detail of the gossip being thoroughly dissected.

 4. You can tell your secret and awkward conversations

The word ‘awkward’ doesn’t exist in your best friend dictionary. If you can’t tell them this, then I don’t think they are your besties. With BFFs, you can look like your worst self, but it still won’t matter.  They will accept you for your best and worst habits.

5Distance doesn’t matter

Distance? What distance? You can go without talking to them for weeks, still, that won’t affect the foundation of your relationship. You will pick off right from where you stop. The spark and those vibes will keep flowing.

 6.  Spending time with them during your dark times feels like a free therapy session

Nobody has their life sorted. You will always have those dark phases which make life worth living. In such phases, these are the people you can cry, mop and rant in front of. They will give you an honest critique without mincing their words. It depends on the way you take it.

You don’t find such people folks quite often. Treasure them and your memories with them.

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