Lagnachi Wife Weddingchi Bayko: Madan To Be Caught Red-Handed In Maria’s Room? Watch Promo

What is he doing in Maria's room? Watch the promo inside to find out!

A Still From Lagnachi Wife Weddingchi Bayko

Zee Marathi’s latest show Lagnachi Wife Weddingchi Bayko is the story of Madan, an Indian who works for an industrialist in London. In order to get his citizenship for the UK, he pretends to fall in love with the industrialist’s daughter Maria. But things take an ugly turn when Maria actually falls in love with Madan, not knowing that he is married! She begs for Madan to take her to India and he gives in. Now, he is trying to strike a balance between Maria and his wife Kajol.

Watch an episode from the show here.

In the latest episode, we see Madan and his friend having a discussion about Maria and how she doesn’t have a habit of sleeping alone. Just then, Maria walks in and requests Madan to sleep next to her. He says he will but gets worried. What happens next? Watch here.

Madan enters Maria’s room but gets caught red-handed by his guest, who is staying with him for a couple of days. Uh oh! How will he defend himself? Stay tuned to find out!

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