Lagira Zhala Jee’s Sheetal Will Motivate You To Wear A Nath For The Next Festival

Shivani Baokar who plays this character tells us the deeper meaning of wearing a ‘Nath’ the traditional Maharashtrian accessory.

Lagira Zhala Jee actor Shivani Baokar

This year, the best starter go with our steaming Hyderabadi Biryani is a plate full of women empowerment. This flame of women standing their ground, that started some time ago isn’t going to die out soon. In fact, it is still spreading like wildfire thanks to the social media and platforms constantly enflaming it. Our Marathi TV celebrities, too, are speaking out. Can you guess whom we are hinting at? It is Shivani Baokar from Lagira Zhala Jee on ZEE5.

Watch Sheetal’s blunt attitude in Lagira Zhala Jee below: 

Like us, if you have been a fan of Lagira Zhala Jee, then you wouldn’t be new to her badassery in Sheetal’s character. She is known to teach Jaydi and Bhaiyasaheb a lesson with her quick wits. Even when her onscreen husband, Ajinkya is out protecting the country, she stands tall like the main pillar of the household. But, we were delighted to find out Shivani Baokar in real life is just equally a supporter of good things. 

In this video, she has explained the importance of the traditional Maharashtrian accessory, Nath. We might wear it to enhance our ethnic garment, but its importance and meaning are deep rooted. As she said, a woman is capable of anything. We may be afraid of a cockroach, but we can give birth to a new life fearlessly. We have conquered  moon and returned from it. Lagira Zhala Jee actress finally enunciates, “She is proud to be a woman.” Let’s leave it at that.

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