Kanala Khada Promo: Famous Dietitian Dr Dixit To Make An Appearance

The popular health expert will be seen sharing his wisdom, on the show hosted by Sanjay Mone.

Sanjay Mone in a scene from Kanala Khada

Zee Marathi’s popular chat show Kanala Khada sees the who’s who of the Marathi cinema. In the last episode, we saw veterans Jayant Sawarkar and Bal Karve having a chat with the host Sanjay Mone. In the upcoming episode, popular dietitian Dr Dixit will be seen making an appearance. The latest promo shows the health expert sharing his wisdom on how post dinner mouth fresheners such as paan, gutka, etc. can be harmful for health.

Watch the latest episode from the show here.

Dr Dixit maintains that people have a misconception that these mouth fresheners are harmless and added that they can affect the body in ways which most people aren’t aware of. Watch the promo here.

The dietitian goes on to add a funny anecdote about a patient who followed his famous diet and benefited greatly from it as her husband stopped having gutka! Dr. Dixit in addition will be talking about the benefits of the diet recommended by him and what citizens should and should not eat.

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