Kanala Khada: 5 Revelations Made By Dr Jagannath Dixit On Diabetes And Weight Loss

The expert made an appearance on the chat show hosted by Sanjay Mone and spoke about his popular diet plan. More details inside!

1. Eat till you are absolutely full

A Still Of Dr. Jagannath Dixit On Kanala Khada
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Dr Jagannath Dixit is a renowned dietitian who has become a household name today, thanks to his revolutionary diet plan. The plan which involves eating only two meals per day, has resulted in several cases of effective weight loss and even the reversal of diabetes. Dr Dixit made an appearance on Kanala Khada, hosted by Sanjay Mone, and spoke in detail about his diet plan. He started with the philosophy of eating till your stomach is absolutely full.

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” I gained weight and was around 70 kgs. I tried losing weight, experimented with many diets, but nothing was proving to be successful. There’s one philosophy that I read about and started following which preached eating, till one is absolutely full. If you look at any animal, once they are completely full, they don’t eat after that. It is always important to listen to your body, as it always talks to you and tells you what is good for you and what isn’t,” he said.

2. Follow a precautionary lifestyle

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Dr Dixit addressed people’s mentality and said that people are willing to take the extra step when it comes to curing a disease, but won’t do the same in taking care of themselves. “People always take precaution after they have fallen ill. But how about taking precaution so you don’t fall ill in the first place?,” he said, adding, “We all need to bring changes to our lifestyle. We need to look at what we are eating, drinking and whether we are exercising or not.”

3. People with Type 1 Diabetes shouldn't follow my diet plan

A Still Of Dr. Jagannath Dixit On Kanala Khada
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Dr Dixit maintained that his diet plan isn’t applicable to any and everyone. He clarified, saying, ” This diet isn’t for people who are below 18, Also, it isn’t even for those that have type 1 diabetes, a condition in which the body does not produce enough insulin and hence, people have to take injections for it. Even for type 2 diabetic patients that follow our diet plan, we make them go through HBAIC and fasting insulin tests. After we get the reports, we tell the patients to consult their doctors that are treating them for diabetes and tell them that they wish to follow the diet plan.”

4. You can't have short cuts in weight loss

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Dr. Dixit says that people who wish to lose weight often look for shorter and quicker routes to do so. “They want to lose weight in three months. I tell them it that took them 20 years to gain weight, hence it will take time to lose that weight too. They want injections and pills to lose weight quickly, which in turn harms the body more,” said the doctor.

5. Any form of cardio exercise is advisable

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Dr Dixit stressed on the importance of exercise and said that it could be any form of a cardio workout. “It helps to finish the exercise in a span of 45 mins as that’s the most effective. You can even opt for cycling, swimming etc,” he said. The dietitian added that during the fasting period, one can have green tea, black tea, nariyal paani etc., without any sugar.

So, are you ready to follow the plan and lose that excess weight? Post your thoughts in the comments section below!

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