Isha Nimkar and Myra’s Offscreen Bond Has More Spice Than Your Biryani

Don't judge their equation by what is seen on Tula Pahate Re.

A Still From Tula Pahate Re
Apart from crushing on Isha and Vikrant’s romance, we love the enmity brewing between Myra and Isha in Tula Pahate Re. The catfights between these ladies regularly fill up our cup of drama. But, did you know these Abhidnya Bhave and Gayatri Datar of Tula Pahate Re have a completely different bond in real-life?
Watch the major drama unfolding between newly-married love-birds, Isha and Vikrant on Tula Pahate Re
We love the determination of the actors to bring their characters to life for our entertainment. Recently, Tula Pahate Re’s protagonist Subodh Bhave posted a happy group selfie with the cast. This was surprising since, in the role of Vikrant Saranjame, we see him sandwiched between Myra and Isha’s affection. The more shocking aspect was Abhidnya and Isha smiled happily and kept their onscreen rivalry at bay.

Jokes aside, behind the screens, Abhidnya and Gayatri share a strong friendship which ranges from clicking selfies and fun videos for Instagram. Now, that the selfie-session is done and the actors have again returned to their onscreen rivalry, we can’t wait to watch what their future has in store for them.

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