Isha Nimkar And Bipin’s Relationship Shows Us The Types OF Exes We Have Encountered

Taking inspiration from the characters of Tula Pahate Re, these are the people you need to stay away from.

Gayatri Datar from a scene in Tula Pahate Re.

Remember when Isha Nimkar’s mom tried to persuade her to marry Bipin on Tula Pahate Re? The moment we saw them, we knew they were badly suited for each other because of Bipin’s manipulative attitude. Thankfully, that phase passed and Isha married Vikrant Saranjame. But, Bipin reminded us of the annoying exes we have encountered in life. We have made a list of them. Have a look!

Before you start, have a quick look at Bipin and Isha’s relationship drama on Tula Pahate Re

1. The one that got away

There’s always that one person for whom your feelings will never fade. One of the reasons for it may be because they have had an impact in a huge way. You will always miss them secretly. Just like Katy Perry sang, “I don’t have to say you were the one that that got away.”

2. The one that you are on friendly terms with

I think it’s a myth that you can’t become friends with your exes. If the break up is amicable and both the parties have moved on, then friendship is possible, too. However, for this, both the parties are expected to have a maturity to put everything in the past and start afresh (which can be slightly tricky).

3. The one who still isn’t over you

You will always have that one ex who you put his heart into loving you. But you didn’t feel as much affection for them as they did.  After the breakup, some of these exes may condescend or hate you (because, ego!). You can only hope they find someone who equally loves them back.

4. The annoying one

This one ex will keep trying to get back even after you have made yourself clear to them. You must stay away from these ones. (Danger zone!)

5. The one that you always want to avoid

You get awkward after bumping into them randomly. This feeling might also come up from a pang of guilt you feel, maybe you feel like you have wronged in a relationship. To make it better, a heartfelt apology will get you a closure.

Which one these exes you have encountered in your life? Do let us know in the comments below.

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