International Yoga Day 2019: Amruta Khanvilkar, Bhushan Pradhan, Actors Who Swear By Yoga

These actors practice yoga regularly and encourage fans to do the same for a healthy living. More details inside!

A Still Of Amruta Khanvilkar

It can’t be said enough- exercise is a necessity for a healthy and balanced living. It can be in any form be it walking, jogging, playing a sport, weights and functional training, Yoga etc. Though many actors have taken to the more unconventional forms of exercise like Pilates, Zumba dancing, etc., there are some who have stuck to tradition and opted for Yoga. This form of exercise has been popular since the ancient times and rightfully so, considering the range of benefits it provides. Yoga helps in weight loss, increasing flexibility, releasing stress and anxiety and strengthening your mind. On International Yoga day today, we look at Marathi actors who swear by this form of exercise.

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1. Amruta Khanvilkar 

The actress likes to stay in shape with Yoga. Amruta makes it a point to promote this form of exercise by talking about its benefits on social media. She believes in the power of Surya Namaskar and believes it’s a complete exercise that heals your body and mind both. 

2. Bhushan Pradhan 

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#Chakrasana is a strong back-bending yoga asana. It is popular in many forms of yoga and is part of the primary series of Ashtanga yoga. As well as being a back bend, chakrasana is seen in yoga as a heart opening posture and is thought to work on the heart chakra. There are many reported benefits of chakrasana. It is thought that as well as releasing physical tightness in the spine and body, the heart opening effects of the posture can help release emotional disturbances. Some describe this effect as unblocking energy that has become stuck in the heart chakra. Others see the posture as having more of a balancing effect on the energy of the heart chakra. #BhushanWorkouts

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Bhushan likes to balance between yoga and gymming. The actor usually first works out at the gym and then resorts to some asanas make hos body and mind calm.

3. Urmila Kothare 

The actress maintains that Yoga helps in improving her flexibility, especially because she is a dancer. She also adds that Yoga helped her during her pregnancy as it was beneficial in keeping her calm and improving her mood swings. 

4. Archana Nipankar 

Archana says that Yoga is a way of life for her now and she can’t start her day without it. The actress adds that Yoga gives her a burst of energy to go through the day.

So guys, are you ready to start doing Yoga? Happy international Yoga day to all of you!

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