If You Have A Family Like Maza Hoshil Na’s Aditya, 5 Indoor Games You Can Play Right Now!

Here are five board games you can play with your family that will light up your mood!

1. Carrom

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The outbreak of the new coronavirus aka COVID- 19 has restricted all of us inside our houses and we’re forced to be in a state of self-quarantine. It’s important for us all to stay sane in these troubled times while the pandemic subsides. The best way to do so is to enjoy the time we’ve got with our respective families. Self-quarantine has indeed given us a time to strengthen our bond with our loved ones. Aditya’s family from Maza Hoshil Na is a living example of how to spend maximum time with your family. His family, which consists only of males, make it a point to stick together in every situation.

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While you might be wondering how to spend these endless hours, don’t worry. We’re here to help! Here are some board games that you can play with your family to get rid of the boredom. Let’s get started with the classic game of carrom, but first go wash your hands before you gather around the table!

Carrom is a classic board game native to India which can be played by every member of the family, including children. The game is slow but gets extremely competitive once every player is after the queen. The whole objective of the game is to secure all the blocks including the most important- queen. Some episodes earlier, even Aditya’s family from Maza Hoshil Na played carrom on the show. And even though Aditya was not fortunate enough to pocket the queen and cover in the game, we know that he will get his queen Sai eventually. Right guys?

2. Chess

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Chess is the game of intelligence that is played by two players on a chequered board, consisting of grids. The player handles different pieces of chess including a bishop, a knight, a pawn, a king, and a queen. Each player has to strategise and plan his next move as every move in chess has a ripple effect on the game. The ultimate goal is to beat the opponent via a move called checkmate. Think you got the moves required for this challenging game? Go try it out to find out!

3. Monopoly

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Yet another popular game played millions of people across the globe, is monopoly. It is a classic property trading board game that involves quick thinking. The goal of the game is to drive your opponent into bankruptcy, either by collecting hefty rents or by making them use up all their money in buying properties. The game has numerous rules of its own and has been recreated several times for the popular culture. Did you know that there’s even a Pokemon edition and a Stranger Things edition of the game? We bet you didn’t!

4. Ludo

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Oh, and how can we forget the classic old ludo? Apparently, ludo has Indian roots as it used to be played by Indian kings and queens in ancient times. Different variations of the Indian game exist which are quite popular in many countries. It’s a strategy board game that can be played by two to four players. The players have to race back to their safe homes from where they had first begun. Quite ironic, especially during these tough times amidst the corona outbreak, as the only place we feel safe at is our own homes. Haha!

5. Uno

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And finally the world’s most beloved card game of all-times, uno! Considered to be one of the most iconic games that we all grew up with, uno is actually an American card game. The sole objective of the game is to get rid of all your cards, some of which are printed with superpowers of their own. There are times when the game can make you go into an absolute frenzy and get you fiercely competitive. Absolutely the best board game to play with your family!

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