How Does Tula Pahate Re’s Isha Want To Get Married In Real Life?

The actress Gayatri Datar spills the beans on how she wanted her Big Day to be.

Isha and Vikrant’s wedding in Tula Pahate Re was one of the favourite moments from the show. During these elaborate traditions, we couldn’t get enough of Isha’s love for Vikrant irrespective of their age gap. But, in real life, Gayatri Datar who essays this role spilled the beans about her own marriage. Here’s what the Tula Pahate actress had to say!

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Gayatri is paired opposite a much-accomplished actor Subodh Bhave in the Marathi TV show. So, while speaking to a leading news publication, Gayatri revealed that she wants an unfussy wedding in real life. Being a simple person, she would love to invite only a closed set of relatives for the affair. This confession comes as contrary to what we saw in Tula Pahate Re which showed us her character tying a knot in an extravagant way.

Vikrant and Isha's engagement in Tula Pahate Re.
Vikrant and Isha’s engagement in Tula Pahate Re.

Gayatri also revealed more about her onscreen wedding with Vikrant, she said that although it was her first time playing the wedding scene, her bridal looks became a huge hit amongst her fans and loved ones. Even then, like every other mom, her mother too was teary-eyed after seeing her being a bride. She told that since all the ceremonies were shot at different timings and not one after another as we saw in Tula Pahate Re, it didn’t feel like a real wedding at all.

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