How Does The Cast Of Agga Bai Sasubai Spend Time On Set? 7 Pics Inside For You To Find Out

Check out what Nivedita Saraf, Tejashri Pradhan and Ashutosh Patki do in-between takes on the sets of the Zee Marathi show. All pics inside.

1. A team that eats together, stays together

A Still Of The Agga Bai Sasubai Team
Source: Instagram

It’s always interesting to know the life that actors spend, off camera right? If you’re a curious cat just like us, you will love these behind-the-scenes images of the Agga Bai Sasubai team! The latest Zee Marathi show features Nivedita Saraf (Asawari), Tejashri Pradhan (Shubhra) and Girish Oak (Abhijeet), in lead roles. Here’s a look at how your favourite characters spend time on the sets of the show.

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We start the list by this adorable picture of Soham (Ashutosh Patki- Shubhra’s husband on the show), Shubhra and Asawari grabbing a bite in- between shots. A team that eats together, stays together, right?

2. Like mother, like son

A Still Of Asawari And Soham
Source: Instagram

Asawari and Soham may not always be on good terms in the show, but off-screen, the actors share a close and friendly bond. Can you see the love in this gorgeous picture of Nivedita and Ashutosh?

3. A meal with Maddy and Sulabha

A Still Of The Agga Bai Sasubai Team
Source: Instagram

Not only are the lead actors close, but so are the supporting artists. And the same is evident from this picture, right? You can see Girish clicking a selfie with Ashutosh, Nivedita and supporting characters Maddy, Sulbha. How cute!

4. Say cheese

A Still Of Shubhra And Soham
Source: Instagram

Don’t you just love Shubhra and Soham’s jodi in the show? Shubhra and Soham share a great friendship in real-life. Pictures speak a thousand words and this one is all the proof we need, right?

5. Rendezvous with Ajoba

A Still Of Soham And Ajoba
Source: Instagram

Ajoba may be a cranky, rigid old man on the show, but the actor is far from his on-screen persona in real-life. How cool is this picture of him, chilling with his grandson Soham!

6. In the neighbourhood

A Still Of Soham And Pradnya
Source: Instagram

Soham is seen posing with his neighbours on the show- Sulbha and Pradnya. Looking good, you guys!

7. The Kulkarnis

A Still Of Shubhra, Asawari And Soham
Source: Instagram

And lastly, here’s a happy picture of the Kulkarni family, to light up your day. Which of these pics do you like the most? Tell us in the comments section below!

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