How Abhidnya Bhave Makes Her Negative Characters Stand Out

The Tula Pahate Re actress has us in awe of her expertise in acting.

Abhidnya Bhave caght candidly on Tula Pahate Re.

Playing villain in a TV serial comes at the risk of facing a strong dislike towards your character from the fans of the show. It isn’t an easy task given you are going to be hated for troubling everyone’s favourite good girl. But, one actor who essays antagonist’s character excellently is Abhidnya Bhave, our Myra on Tula Pahate Re. Today, on the occasion of her birthday, let’s see how she gives her own twists to the characters even in the negative light.

Watch the Abhidnya Bhave on Aamhi Saare Khavayye below:

The actress isn’t new to playing negative roles. While essaying Monica’s character in Khulata Kali Khulena, she created trouble in her own husband and her sibling’s life. Monica was a shrewd person. Her laughs and bouts of anger are still remembered by all of us. Without much training in acting, Abhidnya gave depth to this character with her smug expressions and nose flares at every point when things didn’t go her way. Being exactly the opposite in real life, she showed us Monica’s cruelty easily. Similarly on Tula Pahate Re, each time, Myra came onscreen, we hated her with all our might. However, this didn’t distract her from giving her best.

Gayatri Datar And Abhidnya Bhave From Tula Pahate Re posing on the set.
Gayatri Datar And Abhidnya Bhave From Tula Pahate Re posing on the set.

On Tula Pahate Re, too, Abhidnya is seen troubling the main lead, yet again. With her voice modulation and professional mannerisms, we understand what is happening in her mind without Myra muttering as much as a word. Although Myra and Monica are negative characters, Abhidnya shone light upon them differently. As Myra’s character would require, she showed us jealousy towards Isha with an intense dialogue delivery every time both the ladies came face to face. Meanwhile, her love and loyalty towards Vikrant Saranjame was handled with the same amount of precision.

Abhidnya has rightly said that playing a negative character has more layers to it. On that note, if you have loved watching her acting, let us know in the comments below.

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